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Common Questions

Who can make use of your service?

The VT service has been set up (established) first of all for those people who have the information not to be published while the person is able to function and vice verse to be announced to anybody in case of losing the capability of the information owner.

Here are some examples of the use of Virtual Testament:

  • People who wish their hiding-places not to be lost for their relatives in case of their death have an opportunity to inform anybody by making hints or not about the place they may be.
  • People who are leaving for some place where they may stay too long and they wont be able to let their relatives know about the place they are or might be have an opportunity to leave this message for their relatives and friends concerning the place of their stay or sojourn.
  • It may be a kind of instruction concerning any important steps to be taken in case of the persons long staying or getting into unforeseen situation in which he cant inform anybody of it.

With the help of our site some other purposes are possible, since this instrument is rather universal.

May any delays be in the letters delivering?

The letters delivering depends on two points:

  1. The speed of letters sending (without any delays).
  2. The time of letters delivering to the addressee.

The first is closely dependent on the work of the server where it is hosted. The server has been recently noticed to make errors very seldom (not more often than once in two months), and these errors last for 1-2 hours at night (GMT+03:00) or Moscow time. The service is made in such a way that everything hasnt been done in time will be fulfilled later when the work of the server resumes. The second reason for delay depends on the work of the intermediate mail servers. According to the e-mail delivering standards the letter should be delivered during a 24-hour period of time since its sending.

As it is shown from the observations overwhelming majority of letters are delivered in 20-40 seconds after their sending. But there are some cases of letters complete non-delivering because of some unforeseen reasons.

The following steps should be taken to come to naught the possibilities of the e-mail services errors:

  1. To inscribe in the list of receivers e-mail addresses several addresses of one and the same person (2-3);
  2. If you are sure the letter containing the demand has been sent yet but there is still nothing, you should visit the VT site and edit the letter containing repeated confirmation demand. After editing your visit is counted and the next verification countdown is meant to begin from naught.

Besides it should be taken into consideration that the list of letters to be sent is checked once in 5 minutes. Therefore the time period of your letters sending may vary from the given one in the range of 5 minutes.


Questions of Law

Is VT in full legal force?

The VT service is not a testament in its full legal force. It is just an information instrument which helps the client to deliver some information when he is unable to function himself.


Security and Privacy

Which of the third parties will be able to read my testament?

On the analogy of your e-mail letters, the letter left by you may be read by the provider of your letters receiver, the site administration that provides you the VT service, and also by server hosting administration (the organization which provides the servers for hosting).

But taking into consideration the fact that all these people are not interested parties (persons concerned) they have no concern of any kind of information being kept on their resources.

How can I get the full privacy of the information being left and kept on your site?

Here are two variants:

  1. The information you want to bring to the receiver is kept incomplete on our site i.e. if you want the certain people get it in complete form you should provide them a part of this information beforehand in person or via (e-)mail. The left one will be sent with a letter any time you need. For example, you may provide a password in person and the Login in writing or vice verse; provide a locker code in person and its number and location in writing or vice verse.
  2. You may attach a ciphered zip-archive to your letter having informed the receiver and provided him with the password to decipher the archive beforehand.

Why are none of the letters scrambled on your site?

That is because very often the letters receivers will not be informed beforehand about getting a letter from you. And the matter is with their getting of your letter in a readable form. So before sending, the letter written in cipher should be deciphered in any case. But there is no reason to cipher the letter because a cipher key is located at the same place.


Technical Questions

I need to send the letters of various kinds to different people. How can I do it?

One testament is a set of the addresses of letters receivers. To send the letter with a different text to other people you should create a new testament. It may have the same parameters (the speed of letters sending and the time of letters delivering to the addressee) as the previous one, but may contain the other parameters. The quantity of the testaments created on one account is not limited.

May I use mobile network to deal with your site?

The main concern to be rapidly solved is to call on the unique link that is sent to your stated e-mail address. If you have got an opportunity of using your mobile phone to read the e-mail messages, and you will be able to call on the link that is sure to be sent to you, the VT service will treat this visit properly and it will be taken into account.

I want my message to be delivered without any terms at a certain required time. How can I do it?

You should count the hours left from the present moment till the very sending moment of the letter. In the field Verification periodicity interval you should mark the quantity of hours minus one, and in the field Confirmation waiting an hour. You neednt perform anything when having a test mode letter, and your letter is to be delivered at the time you wanted. Mind that the time counting begins not from the moment of the testaments creation but the very moment of the test mode address authorization. So it is in your interest to try not to lose time and visit the test mode link, which will be sent to you after the new testaments creation.

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