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Virtual Testament

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Have you got the information to be published at the moment of your incapability? Would you like to inform your relatives or your friends about the place you are or may be in case of your long time absence?

We will help you!

Your letter will reach the addressee only in case of your long keeping silence.

This service works in the following way:

  1. You draw up a letter and leave it on our site.
  2. The letters containing the link you should call on are to be delivered to your e-mail address with the periodicity you wanted.
  3. The letter has been left by you is sure to be sent to the stated e-mail addresses if the link hasnТt been called on during the period of time you wanted.

We guarantee the fulfillment of your assignment on time!

Use our service right now!

All testaments to be fulfilled are free of charge.

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